Financial Fitness Challenge

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Kicking Off March 8th

with Lorena Arnold

What You’ll Learn:

  • Decoding the mindset of a Financially Independent Woman.
  • How to release limiting money beliefs and transform the negative-self talk that has held you back from achieving your true financial goals.
  • Create your new, empowering money story and become aware of your financial habits and areas of improvement.
  • Create an unshakable “premium state of mind” so you begin confidently making changes within yourself and powerfully claim your worth.
  • The 9 Practical and Spiritual Steps you must have to align your financial fitness​.​

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Why the Financially Fitness Challenge?

What if everything you have been taught about financial abundance and money mindset mastery is wrong?

The Financial Fitness Challenge will review the common sense steps to help you get Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE) by getting rid of unconscious money blocks and start fresh on a new path of creating freedom, independence and a healthy relationship with money.

Money is at the center of most decisions. Yet often people, especially women, feel uncomfortable even discussing the topic. Money triggers emotions in all of us: worry, doubt, fear, unhappiness, and we sometimes feel out of control, as if it has a “life of its own.” You need clarity and a new perspective so you can get yourself unstuck from the money issues that are holding you back in your personal life or in your business. Financial Independence means Freedom.

“A straightforward approach to finding the Courage, overcoming the Confusion, and building the Confidence to take Inspired Action.”
R Konst

“Lorena is an amazing mentor. She has been helping to educate women for years. She has helped countless women discover the power for financial freedom.”
A Weule

“I appreciate Lorena’s style of doing business. She is a professional with heart! She really cares about what she is doing and has high integrity. She takes care of her clients and does it with finesse! She is super personable and really shows you how much she cares!”
C Shannon

Lorena Arnold

Who is Lorena Arnold?

Lorena Arnold is the award-winning Money Breakthrough Business Coach and founder of the #1 Women on FIRE movement, offering business and money training for women who want to be Financially Independent.

Lorena equips and empowers ambitious, passionate women with the skills and training that makes it easy to conquer Time and Money so they can become Financially Independent, acquire Financial Freedom and enjoy and abundant lifestyle.

Lorena is passionate about educating women about money management and helping them gain the confidence they need to be successful.