“I am very impressed by Lorena’s knowledge! She has had experience in all areas of real estate investing. Lorena has not only been and mentor to me, but a friend as well. She cares about her clients as people. Lorena is a wealth of information because of her vast experience and knowledge. Whatever information you may need, she has an answer or knows where to find it. Lorena offers a variety of educational opportunities from a Book Club covering different investment topics, to Game Night with games designed to help educate clients on investing, to Motivational Speaking Seminars. I have received a tremendous amount of knowledge from Lorena! If you are looking for someone who is extremely knowledgeable in the Real Estate Investment world, I would totally recommend Lorena!”
Sheryl Israel

Para-educator at Jewell Elementary

“I offer my highest recommendation of Lorena as a motivational speaker and a wealth coach. As a longtime colleague, I can tell you she has an incredibly high internal motivation and positive energy – both of which rub off on everyone around her. She brings impeccable professional integrity to all her projects and you will benefit from the relationship with her.”
Rob Spangler

Board Trainer and Leadership Consultant at Leading Associations and World Class Boards

“Lorena’s message of and strategies for wealth building simply must be heard. I have watched her develop as a speaker over the past couple of years and she is now emerging as one of the most relevant speakers her industry. I highly recommend Lorena for any stage where the audience is hungry for solid money management techniques and beyond-the-basics wealth development instruction.”
Marty Dickinson


“As Lorena and I have been working together, I have come to know the beauty of her expertise. As an expert in wealth mindset, Lorena helps you in discovering the blocks that you have around money and does it all in a fun transformative experience. She understands that to welcome in abundance it takes transformation … personal transformation. Lorena leads you through her unique training sessions (remember I said they were fun … it’s a game! How wonderful!), so that once you have completed the work, you have changed. That is her genius … helping you to become a better version of you with a wealth mindset.”
Denise Hansard

Life Architect | Motivational Speaker | The Denise Hansard Show, BBM Global Network, TuneIn Radio

“Lorena is an Amazing Investor and Mentor. Lorena has been helping to educate women in the Denver Market and across the US for years. She has helped countless women discover the power for financial freedom through real estate!”
Andrea Weule

Co-Founder at A Time to Profit

“I appreciate Lorena’s style of doing business. She is a professional with heart!! She really cares about what she is doing and has high integrity. She takes care of her clients and does it with finesse! She is super personable and really shows you how much she cares!”
Carol Shannon

Public Seminar Trainer at SkillPath

“I met Lorena at a Business Networking Seminar probably 10-15 years ago. She impressed me with her intelligence and compassion. She was going through a difficult situation at the time and my thoughts remained with her throughout the years. Congratulations on all your accomplishments, Lorena!”
Patty (McGinty) Fandel

Founder, Owner, Principal Interior Designer, Red Fox Design