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  • Do you spend more than you earn?
  • Does making a living feel more like making a dying?
  • Do you feel stuck in a job you can’t afford to leave?
  • Is money fragmenting your time and your relationship with family and friends?

Women on FIRE Mastermind is a 90 Day Online Mastermind Boot Camp Unlike Any You Have Ever Experienced

  • Become more confident as you identify your financial needs and control your life with better choices.
  • Change your relationship with money and create a new road map to get what you really want instead of waiting for life to happen to you.
  • Identify your fears that control your actions and decide once and for all what you need to do based on your values.
  • Create your ideal “Freedom Day” by drilling down on your personality traits, income levels, and the specifics of your ideal life.
Financial independence means only one thing to me: Freedom. I am free to do what I want, whether it’s to have a life of leisure or pursue a new business adventure. I am free to be with the people I choose. I am free to set the schedule I want. My time is truly my time. Freedom means that I have more choices.

Customized Mastermind & Personal Attention

Ready to feel incredibly supported, never feel alone or stuck, and get solutions for any challenges you might encounter? Your Mastermind Program includes:

Lorena Arnold
Weekly 1-hour Group coaching calls with Lorena
3 weeks on, one week off
Nine group Coaching Calls. These dynamic online calls allow you to speak with, check in, and ask questions to Lorena. PLUS get Lorena’s ‘liquid gold’ money mindset & practice money coaching.

4 Private Coaching Sessions with Lorena
You’ll be coached to your own worth, and create an unstoppable mindset and more.

Private Accountability Online Coaching
2x monthly checkpoints with Lorena as your accountability buddy to keep you on track and in a high vibe state as you become a woman on FIRE.

Vibrant Coaching Community
Surround yourself with a world-wide community of women on the same path. Post questions, challenges, and victories in between your coaching calls each week for support from Lorena and tour colleagues. You’ll feel championed through every challenge and inspired to achieve your dream.

Plus These Bonuses When You Enroll

#1 Mindset Makeover Orientation Kick Start Call
Ready to start your journey with an unshakable money mindset? You’ll instantly up-level your confidence, crate a new, empowered money mindset, and feel on fire about the special brilliance you bring to the world.

#2 Money Branding Archetype Assessment
Discover the core nature, motivation and driving force of your personal and financial makeover.

Lorena Arnold
Lorena Arnold

Who is Lorena Arnold?

Lorena Arnold is the award-winning Money Breakthrough Business Coach and founder of the #1 Women on FIRE movement, offering business and money training for women who want to be Financially Independent.

Lorena equips and empowers ambitious, passionate women with the skills and training that makes it easy to conquer Time and Money so they can become Financially Independent, acquire Financial Freedom and enjoy an abundant lifestyle.

Lorena is passionate about educating women about money management and helping them gain the confidence they need to be successful.

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