Discover Your Brand Archetype

Stand Out From The Crowd!

What if you could have a brand that captures your unique spirit, personality and passion…

Positioning you to powerfully stand out as unique in a crowded market?

This is the power of Archetype-based branding

It transforms YOU—as a coach, consultant, advisor, trainer, speaker, niche expert, professional service provider or any other boutique firm owner—into an authentic brand you can instantly use to launch an exciting new direction in your business.

Archetypes immediately create meaning, emotion and connection with your ideal clients. Among the 12 common archetypes: The Alchemist, The Humanitarian, The Sage, The Maverick, The Artist, The Innocent, The Hero, The Jester, The Explorer, The Ruler, The Romantic and The Nurturer, which one might be a good fit for your business?

Take the Branding with Archetypes® assessment to find out.

Let’s find your brand archetype!

This assessment should take you less than 15 minutes. While you’re taking it, it’s important to focus on the future, thinking about the business that you want to create, NOT the business you had in the past.

You’ll use the rating scale (from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree) to answer each question. Choose the rating that is closest for you.

Don’t overthink, trust your intuition, and go with the first answer that comes to you.