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I Believe Everyone is Unique

Lorena is a public speaker that specializes in motivating and coaching her audiences to dig in and unlock their own creative talents and power. She brings a sense of realness to her audience through humor and stories, while providing practical ways for  women entrepreneurs to embrace who they are and let go of what is holding them back!

Lorena tailors each speech for her given audience. She is very interactive during her talk, asking questions, getting her audience to think big. When she is on stage, you will feel an energy that reaches down into your core and sparks your creative brain to learn & look at things with a fresh perspective. Her quick wit and humor make learning fun and enjoyable, and audiences feel a new sense of confidence to move on achieving their vision.

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Lorena always gives, high-content, high-value presentations that are energetic, motivating and fun for all audiences. These presentations are designed for women in business.


Lorena’s Speaker Reels

I Believe in Variety, Here are Some Topics


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