VIP Strategy Day

What Is The VIP Strategy Day?

The VIP Strategy Day is an exclusive event where we work together 1:1 on what is most present and important for you and your aspirations for abundant living right now, and will help you learn Financial Intelligence.

You will get 6 hours of intensive, focused and conscious coaching, visioning, and planning – and one-on-one private access to all I have to offer as a coach, consultant and mentor.

The VIP Strategy Day Is Personalized To You

The whole day will be about you – your Energy, your Life, your Financial Independence.

We will look at your relationship with money together and come up with small shifts as well as bigger changes you can make to help you create the Financial Independence and abundant lifestyle you want today. Together, we will work to identify what holds you back, as well as the key strengths that will propel you forward. You will leave the VIP Strategy Day with a unique road map that gives you more focus, more clarity, more momentum.

This Is Definitely For You If You’re Ready To:


Enjoy Time Freedom: Take control of your own time


Create Cashflow and Passive Income that sets you free from the corporate world – You choose when, where and with whom to work!


Step into Financial Freedom: Be in control of your financial destiny and escape of the rat race.


Truly Enjoy Abundant Financial Success and get joy and peace in your emotional, spiritual, personal, and financial life.

Get The Details!


Pre-Questionnaire – to set our approach and agenda.

6 hour in-person VIP Strategy Day.


A 45 minute follow-up call to debrief.

I offer no more than 3 VIP Strategy Days per month.

I will give you my skills, expertise and experience, my background, my instincts. You get all my “heart and smarts” for the entire day.

VIP Strategy Days are held virtually. If in-person VIP, participant is responsible for their own travel and accommodations. By Arrangement, I am happy to come to you for a VIP Strategy Day in your location; travel and other expenses are at your cost.

I work with one person at a time, but if you have a partner or significant other who is involved, we can do a 2:1 at no additional cost.

I value your time and investment, so if this feels right for you, get in touch with me to book your VIP Strategy Day now. Additional details will be made available once your pre-questionnaire is received.

I am so excited to work with you!

Book a call today! Space is limited – First-come first-serve basis!