~~Mark Victor Hansen


We are all born with confidence.  Your confidence levels determine how successful you are in business. Some women may experience unusual symptoms and extraordinary side effects when radiating unstoppable and rock-solid confidence – symptoms such as high levels of drive and vitality that increase wealth and fulfillment.  Consider yourself forewarned of the pleasant side effects.  People with high levels of confidence know their strengths and weaknesses, take full responsibility for their own actions, choose continuous self-improvement, have positive attitude, exude action oriented behaviors and create atmospheres that draw in other people.

Confidence is something only you can give yourself.
Confidence can only be found in one place:  within you.
Confidence is an inside job and a major part of the inner business woman.

Many people believe you can acquire confidence or raise your confidence levels by driving a nice car, wearing expensive clothing, living in a great home, taking exotic vacations, buying nice things and surrounding yourself with consumables.  Know this:  things don’t buy you confidence.  Fancy things might give you an artificial sense of confidence, but it doesn’t last and will never be an effective business strategy.  Do you buy things because you lack self-confidence or have self-doubt?

Faking and pretending are not reality.  Pretending to be a business owner or a sales person doesn’t make money.  Doubt is your own worst enemy.  Doubt hides deep in our bodies and lurks around, waiting for stress or fear to pull it to the surface.

Let’s eliminates self-doubt by recognizing and replacing it with rock-solid unstoppable confidence.

On a scale of 1-10,  How would you rate your rock-solid self-confidence?