What is a Rich Woman? I often hear women say, “I’m rich in spirit,” “I’m rich in family and friends,” “My life experiences make me rich.” I agree with each of these interpretations. However, I don’t agree with this comment: “I lead a very rich life, but I have no money.”  The Rich Woman philosophy supports all the above statements, except the last one. You can argue about it, which is fine, but it’s just not the Rich Woman philosophy. When we talk about Rich Woman, we talk openly about money, investing, cash flow, and taking charge of your financial life.

Why? Because the bottom line is that money has tremendous power. It has the power to set us free, but it also has the power to enslave us. Money enslaves us by keeping us in an unhealthy relationships because of the money, sending us to a job that we don’t like every day for the paycheck, or causing us to deny ourselves things important to us because we lack the money to buy them. Rich Woman is about setting women free.

In the Rich Woman point of view,
a woman cannot be free until she is financially free.

Financial independence begins with a rich mindset. A Rich Woman has a healthy attitude toward money. She doesn’t make excuses if she doesn’t have it. She doesn’t criticize those who do have it. Money, by itself, is not good or bad, it’s just money. How people use their money is most often what causes controversy.  I define money very simply. Money is freedom. It allows me to do what it is I truly want to do. It allows me to give my gifts and my talents as I was meant to give them.

Money is a very powerful tool, and when women take charge of their money, they take charge of their lives – and magic happens.

Here are 7 characteristics or traits of a Rich woman that I want to share with you.

Many women feel overworked and underappreciated. The simple life doesn’t exist for women as they enter the workforce, raise their children, commit to their partners and make their own way. However, this doesn’t have to be experienced as exhausting or somehow unfair. Driven, passionate women embrace all of this opportunity. These types of women are successful because they are emotionally wealthy, they are Rich woman.

Trait 1. Self-loving

Fulfilled women do not count on others for their worth or self-satisfaction. We are not living lives wanting anyone to rescue them from. Rich women love themselves first, are able to self-soothe when life gets hard and continue to live our lives with composure. They know who they are and what they stand for. Life can be painful and challenging for all us. Because rich women are fulfilled from the inside, they accept who they are, flaws and all. They are able to tap into their own inner strength to continue forward with faith that all things will work out in their favor.

Trait 2. Independent

Rich women are driven, confident, and in control of their emotions. They are not needy or desperate. They carry an “I’ve got this” attitude. They make sure to take care of themselves in all the ways necessary to stay confident and motivated. They are passionate about their lives and do not depend on others for their resources. They allow nothing to pull them away from what it is, deep within their souls, that drives them. Rich women have the confidence to take risks. They are not afraid of failure. They embrace their success and work hard to get the results they are searching for. They are committed to working through their painful times and failures. Rich woman practice patience in the face of obstacles.

Trait 3. Discerning

Rich woman are selective about the company they keep. They know negativity is contagious and drama producing and, therefore, are mindful about who they surround themselves with. They only commit to being in mutually beneficial relationships. If they find themselves caught up in a relationship that is one-way, they seek to terminate that relationship immediately, as it does not serve to honor them for the valuable human being they are. Rich woman do not make time or space in their lives for toxic, self-serving people. They cater only to their passions in life and to those people who love and uplift them. They choose never to waste time or energy on any person or circumstance that seeks to bring them down. Rich woman do not consent to playing small.

Trait 4. Classy

Rich woman are happy and smile a lot. These amazing women embrace the concept that less is more. They know their best qualities show themselves in their more understated intelligence, inner beauty, humble style and graceful posture. They stand out from the rest, as these understated qualities communicate something very deep about their self-worth. Rich woman veer away from what is obnoxious and attention-seeking. They wisely realize that genuine confidence doesn’t seek attention, it naturally attracts attention. People are drawn to get to know them more deeply.

Trait 5. Nurturing

Women who are internally fulfilled do whatever it takes to get up in the morning to feed and nurture their children, their partner, their career, their passions and, most importantly, themselves. No matter the challenges they face, rich woman continue to love and nurture those who depend upon them. Nurturing is what brings these women back into their personal power during their more frustrating times. The most powerful impact women have is on other people. Rich woman stand witness to the positive and transformative results of their nurturing. They have deep gratitude for the organic power their love and attention has over those they offer it to.

Trait 6. Resilient

Genuinely happy women are focused and determined. Their efforts are directed toward their goals, regardless of the time required to achieve them. Reinventing themselves is a natural part of life for rich woman. They know they can find energy and resources whenever they come face-to-face with any challenge. Rich woman are human; they are real. They cry when they need to, but they never give up. Rich woman explore deeply into themselves to grow in all the ways life calls them to. They view each challenge they face as a growth opportunity. Each challenge overcome is a success. These women know that on any given day, their hard work will trump the genius and talent of others.

Trait 7. Other-oriented

Rich woman see the good in people. They deeply value the beauty people bring to their lives. They find people interesting, rather than time-consuming or annoying. Rich woman do not need, or even want, all the attention for themselves. They enjoy celebrating the accomplishments of others as much as, if not more than, celebrating their own successes. They are genuinely happy for other people. They are aware that life can be remarkably abundant for everyone. Rich woman believe there is enough love, enough money, enough  success and enough passion to go around, so there is no need for jealousy or competition. They love complimenting others for the joy of seeing them relax in feeling value and acknowledgment. Rich woman They view each person in their life, even those they do not care for, as a teacher.

So there you have it  7 trait for a Rich woman –  Do you have them all?   Do miss one or two?… are you a rich woman?

A woman who is fulfilled loves herself. She makes sure she fills her cup first. She is keenly aware that for her to be able to give and receive in this world, she has to be full within herself. She is aware that she is responsible for both her success and happiness. The Rich woman I like to talk with is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter. An rich woman is both soft and powerful. She is both practical and spiritual. She seeks to be genuinely good. She is not an image-seeker focused only on appearing good.

So this I how I define a rich woman, what makes and creates a rich woman is , sustaining happiness and financial abundance  and that’s what I stand for

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Lorena Arnold
Speaker, Author, Business Coach

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